PST Management

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PST Management

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    Stellar Outlook Toolkit

    Stellar Outlook Toolkit is a professional tool, which allows you to easily work with Outlook PST files. The software is studded with six powerful and useful options to overcome various complexities and issues involved with Outlook PST files. This helps you to perform all PST related operations using a centralized console. You can easily repair a corrupt PST file using... Read More

  2. GFI Archiver

    With GFI Archiver, all company emails and files are automatically stored in a central, secure environment that can be accessed quickly and searched easily. Businesses gain peace of mind knowing their vital company information is stored in a safe and manageable place. GFI Archiver works in parallel with Microsoft® Exchange, Office 365™, Google Apps™ and other email servers to copy... Read More

  3. Mail Attender for Exchange

    Mail Attender provides policy enforcement and content management within PST files (network/local), Exchange mailboxes and public folders to companies looking to address issues relating to storage management, content discovery and compliance. Enforce retention policies that pro-actively control storage, search and retrieve critical content for document discovery requests, secure sensitive information for corporate and regulatory compliance, delete non-business emails and unnecessary... Read More

  4. Barracuda PST Enterprise

    PST Enterprise is a highly scalable solution for locating, migrating and eliminating PST files. Designed to meet the demands of today’s 24/7 multi-site environments, it is a non-invasive application requiring no client software install, and does not impact end-users or require their intervention. All PST files can be discovered and processed even if they are open in Outlook. The owner... Read More

  5. Stellar Phoenix Compact PST

    Stellar Phoenix Compact PST is simple, fast, and secure tool to compact large PST files without making any modifications to its original data. This tool compacts the PST file by separating attachments and saving them on a different folder of your system's hard drive. This tool not only compacts Outlook PST files, but it also compacts over-sized Outlook OST files... Read More

  6. Stellar Mailbox Extractor for Exchange Server

    Stellar Mailbox Extractor for Exchange Server is the best tool to convert the MS Exchange EDB file to their corresponding Outlook PSTs. The software offers a variety of options to extract the mailboxes, wherein you can extract the entire set of mailboxes, or selective mailboxes, or perform granular extraction of selected mails from one user profile. The software works on... Read More

  7. Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

    Advanced Outlook repair software i.e. specially designed for corrupted PST file. It is based on powerful algorithm that scans the spotted zones of Outlook data then regenerates the damaged structure of PST file structure. With the help of software it is possible to recover deleted email from Outlook mailbox. It works with all entities of Outlook applications like calendar, contacts,... Read More

  8. Mailsafe PST Importer

    Emails within PST files can be imported into a PST Archive using the PST Importer module saving on storage space through compression and Single Instance Storage of emails. The PST Archive is a subset of the full Mailsafe Email and PST Archive software from Techne-Comm. With the PST Importer you can select individual, groups of, or all PST files that... Read More

  9. Mailsafe PST Discovery

    With PST Discovery you can quickly find PST Files. Simply install the PST Discovery program, download and through the single click deployment, you could be gathering information about the location of PST files on your servers and user computers straight away. PST Discovery is installed on a single computer that acts as the ‘Server’ with no additional software required on... Read More

  10. QUADROtech PST FlightDeck

    PST FlightDeck is an enterprise-grade product for the migration of PST files to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or email archives. PST FlightDeck discovers, centralizes and processes data rapidly allowing PST files to be eliminated at last. It can discover PST files wherever they are located, even on external drives and USB sticks and includes a process that sees users migrated... Read More