PST Management

Last Updated on 26 April 2016, Total: 29 Products

PST Management

  1. Easy Outlook Recovery

    To recover deleted messages, attached files and contacts from Microsoft Outlook personal folders (PST), the program uses original algorithms to recover the maximum number of messages - even from files that the mail client will not open. The program can be used to view messages and attached files and save them in the EML format, which can be imported later... Read More

  2. PSTCompact

    PSTCompact Enterprise Edition is designed to compact your PST files automatically. PSTCompact is an easy to use PST compacting utility with features like: compacting hundreds of PST file in circular mode; scheduling PST compacting by group; processing PST files by group; emptying deleted items folder (optional); cleaning sent items folder by date (optional); manual processing option; explores the server for... Read More

  3. PSTStation Corporate

    PSTStation Corporate includes a new repository to archive your PSTs with M+Archiving servers provided by Messaging Architects. PST content will then be viewable for each user through OWA or M+A Personal web viewer. By providing the most flexible solution to find and archive messages among thousands of PST files and messages, PSTStation Corporate® now helps organizations run compliance and eDiscovery... Read More

  4. PSTCompactor

    PSTCompactor centralizes PST file management and reduces PST file sizes across the Enterprise. Recover wasted space, compress (zip) attachments, automate compaction, etc. Its Rules-based engine enables selective message processing, simplifying management and implementation of corporate Email Policies. PSTCompactor is designed to manage PST files throughout the company and automatically locates mailboxes on the network. Installation does not require changes to... Read More

  5. PSTWay for OWA

    Connect Outlook Web Access users with their PST files & Personal Folders. PSTWay drives OWA's acceptance and utilization by allowing users to access all their data including: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks. PSTs can remain on local or network drives and shared between Outlook and OWA. All access is via OWA's standard interface and users have complete ability to manage... Read More

  6. PSTSync

    PSTSync provides bi-directional folder synchronization as well as powerful SmartMove and SmartCopy functions where users can synchronize, move or copy each and every Outlook mail folder, including custom created folders without having to have open Outlook! Synchronizations can be automated with built in Scheduling functionality. PSTSync offers accurate and secure 128 Bit PST file encryption and decryption using RSA algorithms... Read More

  7. PSTCompress

    PSTCompress is a way to manage PST file compression. Starting a PST compact for every individual PST file is almost impossible. PSTCompress is the safe solution that adds a flexible scheduling mechanism to the whole PST compacting mechanism. PSTCompress automatically fires off a job at the desired time and stops when you want it to stop. This can be done... Read More

  8. Mail Attender for Exchange

    Mail Attender provides policy enforcement and content management within PST files (network/local), Exchange mailboxes and public folders to companies looking to address issues relating to storage management, content discovery and compliance. Enforce retention policies that pro-actively control storage, search and retrieve critical content for document discovery requests, secure sensitive information for corporate and regulatory compliance, delete non-business emails and unnecessary... Read More

  9. PST Backup Attender

    PST Backup Attender is a light-weight, PST file backup utility that can be used to locate, manage and back up PST files on user computers. Its efficient method of backing up the contents of PST files to the network and keeping this information synchronized, eliminates the need to store PST files on the network, a practice not recommended and unsupported... Read More