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  1. Admin Report Kit for Exchange Server (ARKES)

    ARK for Exchange Server (ARKES) is an auditing, reporting and analysis solution for the MS Exchange Server. It audits and provides detailed reports on Exchange Server’s Folders, configuration, Mailboxes, Public Folders, message traffic and security policies. These reports help you audit, analyze and track changes in your MS Exchange Server as well as Active Directory network. It can be used... Read More

  2. AdminDroid Office 365 Exchange Online Reporting and Monitoring Free Tool

    AdminDroid makes the Exchange Online reporting and monitoring as easy as just clicking few mouse clicks. The preconfigured 8 smart dashboards provide quick analytics info on Office 365 mailboxes, distribution lists, mailbox usage, security and mail traffic information.The 50+ pre-built reports cover all of your Office 365 reporting needs; This tool can be downloaded and installed without any hassles, prerequisite,... Read More

  3. AppAnalyzer

    Sirana Software develops and supports award-winning software solutions and services that help even the largest organizations better administer and manage their enterprise IT Messaging systems. Since 2001, E-mail Engineers and IT System Administrators have relied on AppAnalyzer, Sirana’s flagship IT Messaging reporting and analytics platform, to enable better capacity planning, migration preparation, e-mail policy auditing, service level measurement, IT budgeting,... Read More

  4. CloudKit 365

    With CloudKit 365 you can track changes in tenant configuration, review Office 365 licenses, generate Office 365 documentation and create detailed reports on Office 365, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business. The central dashboard visually summarizes data across different areas to show you the most relevant information about your tenant, such as company administrators, the largest mailboxes, and... Read More

  5. Cogmotive Reports

    Cogmotive Reports is a simple yet powerful web based Office 365 Reporting application that helps you understand exactly how your employees are using Office 365. Nothing to install, simply connect our application to your Office 365 environment and extend the built-in reporting capabilities of Office 365. Our customers range from Small Businesses to global Fortune 500 Enterprises and we report... Read More

  6. Featured

    ENow Mailscape

    The award-winning Mailscape simplifies Exchange by providing monitoring, reporting and administrative capabilities in a single, affordable solution. Mailscape installs in minutes, is easy to deploy and intuitive enough for the help desk to use. Optimize system performance, minimize costly downtime, and improve the level of service you provide to your end users. Manage your entire environment with a single glance... Read More

  7. Exchange Log Analyzer

    Exchange Log Analyzer (ELA) is a high performance tool for analyzing, charting and reporting on the message tracking logs that are generated by Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Exchange Log Analyzer was designed to be a small utility for use with Microsoft Exchange Server. Use it to quickly get an overview of how your email server... Read More

  8. Free Exchange Monitor

    Eliminate Exchange Server problems with this FREE Exchange Monitor download tool from SolarWinds. Continuously monitor Exchange and gain real-time insight into Exchange services, mail queue sizes, and host server health. Prevent performance issues before they impact users with built-in red, yellow, and green health indicators. Spot growing mail queues that can indicate bigger issues, like transport failures, Internet connection failures,... Read More

  9. Sponsored

    GSX 365 Usage | Office 365 Reporting

    GSX 365 Usage is a powerful SaaS application that allows you to create over 90 reports about your Office 365 environment. It gives you actionable insights into how people in your organization are using your Microsoft cloud services. Main benefits include: - Identify trends and measure user adoption of your Office 365 services. - Save money by identifying unused licenses... Read More

  10. IMFStats

    IMFStats provides an insight into your Intelligent Mail Filter plugin for Microsoft Exchange 2003. IMFStats reports real time statistics, and also assists you in setting the IMF configuration for Gateway and Junk Email options... Read More