Last Updated on 13 Nov. 2014, Company: Hypersoft Information Systems

Hypersoft OmniContext measures and visualizes how technology transforms business operations. It provides organizations and individual professionals with comprehensive insight about improvement of productivity and change of work style and habits.

OmniContext captures technology usage and operations data from the broadest range of collaboration platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, Office 365, and most other industry-standard products and services. These data are used to generate easily understandable end-to-end analytics about adoption rate of new software technologies, transformation of communication and collaboration patterns, and resulting growing efficiency of teams and individuals. All this information can be accessed anytime on any mobile or desktop device through intuitive web interface or native Windows Phone, Windows Metro, and Android apps.

IT and business managers use OmniContext to ascertain and quantify success of collaboration technology projects in the enterprise. Individual users leverage OmniContext Personal Analytics to understand their own habits and ways of work so they can improve themselves and become more productive.

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