PROMODAG Reports for Exchange

Last Updated on 3 Aug. 2016, Company: Promodag S.A.

Promodag Reports now supports Office 365, Hybrid and On-Premises environments. It provides you with control of your messaging systems whether it is in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid. Its comprehensive and versatile range of traffic analysis, message tracking and planning tools simplify and automate the process of managing email usage, ensuring compliance and optimizing the performance of mission-critical email systems.

PROMODAG Reports for Exchange Server installs in minutes and is quick to configure. The product uses native Exchange server data sources so there is absolutely nothing to install on the server. Administrators can choose from over 80 ready-made reports and publish them to various destinations in different formats. All operations can be easily automated and scheduled so you can set up the product and forget about it.

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Review and Comments

  1. Brian Deyo Fri, 12 Dec. 2008 01:00

    Decent functionality and reasonable price

    I've been using Promodag for 8 months now, and have become increasingly familiar with it. The interface doesn't seem nearly as intuitive as I would like, but that is the only limit I have found.

    The canned reports seem only marginally useful, and I have created fresh reports based off the information I actually want to see, as opposed to what may be deemed by the developers as useful.

    The product does lose its connection to the designated mailbox on occasion, but this issue could probably be resolved with a call in to support. It is an easy correction and hasn't been a showstopper.

    Once everything is setup and the information is being imported properly, and the reports are as you like it, the application runs itself, and like the above description says, you can forget about it.

    University of Chicago

  2. Andy Behrendt Mon, 28 Feb. 2005 01:00


    I trialled this software and saw some benefits in its use and but not enough to justify the $8500 price tag that came with it.

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