AdminDroid Office 365 Exchange Online Reporting and Monitoring Free Tool

Last Updated on 22 Dec. 2016, Company: AdminDroid

AdminDroid makes the Exchange Online reporting and monitoring as easy as just clicking few mouse clicks. The preconfigured 8 smart dashboards provide quick analytics info on Office 365 mailboxes, distribution lists, mailbox usage, security and mail traffic information.The 50+ pre-built reports cover all of your Office 365 reporting needs; This tool can be downloaded and installed without any hassles, prerequisite, or dependencies on PowerShell.

Report Categories Offered:

AdminDroid offers 50+ pre-built reports cover all of your Office 365 and Exchange Online reporting needs. More customization and filters can be applied to existing reports.The main report categories are listed as below.

· Mailbox Usage - Get reports on mailbox usage statistics, mailbox size, mailbox quota, mailbox growth trend, active and inactive Mailboxes.
· Mail Protection Reports -Monitor inbound & outbound Mails, internal & external Mails, detected spams & malware.
· Mail Traffic - Get the monthly, weekly statistics of incoming and outgoing mails, malware and spam. Get reports on who sends & receive most mails? who receives most spams & malware? And top 10 users who contribute to your org mail traffic.
· Mailbox Connection - Find how users are connecting to their mailbox, which browser and operating systems they use.
· Group – Gives detailed reporting on distribution group, distribution list members, distribution list size and mail-enabled groups.

Reporting Capabilities Highlights

· Automatic Schedule - Schedule one or more reports to run automatically at configured time and delivered straight to your preferred mail-ids.
· Rich Filters - Apply filter on any columns to see only the required information and save the filter for future use.
· Easy Customization - Allow you to easily customize the reports by rearranging, adding or removing the columns and its size.
· Report Export - Ability to export the reports to CSV, PDF, HTML, XLS or XLSX.

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