Security & Encryption

Last Updated on 11 April 2017, Total: 23 Products

Security & Encryption

  1. Messageware OWA Guard

    Messageware OWA Guard provides advanced server authentication security to protect users and businesses from a variety of logon and password attacks, such as password guessers, brute force attacks, screen scrapers, man-in-the-middle attacks, and phished logons. It provides real-time reporting and alerts of suspicious logon activity, providing you with insight and the information you need regarding the security health of your... Read More

  2. Comodo Corporate Secure Email Certificates

    Comodo email certificates are a proven way to secure all email communications in your organization. By digitally signing and encrypting every email message, your business can ensure: Private Communications, Authenticated Communications and Message Integrity. For businesses and organizations requiring assurance that e-mail cannot be stolen or modified in transit, Comodo E-mail Certificates secure email by digitally signing and/or encrypting it... Read More

  3. WinQuota Corporate Edition 4.5.2

    WinQuota is a powerful disk space management solution for Windows, designed for any types of servers, especially on servers with large amount of files such as; file servers, news and mail servers. WinQuota Corporate Edition offers disk space management capabilities optimized for large and huge companies, with dozens of domains and multiple servers, thousands of users in those domains and... Read More

  4. DigiCert Unified Communications Certificates

    DigiCert UC Certificates provide the flexibility needed to enable the new Domain Security features of Microsoft's Unified Communications products such as MS Exchange Server 2007 and Live Communications Server. Summary of Key Benefits include the following: Secures Multiple Unique Host/Domain Names; Multiple SSL/TLS Certificates can now be consolidated into a Single DigiCert UC Certificate; UC Certificates will not produce a... Read More

  5. Messageware OWA Server Suite

    The Messageware OWA Server Suite provides corporations and OWA users with essential security and productivity features that are not natively available in Outlook Web App/Access to provide a richer, more secure web mail solution and a more familiar environment for users migrating to OWA from Outlook. The Messageware OWA Server Suite combines all 6 of our award-winning server-side applications into... Read More

  6. Symprex Folder Permissions Manager

    Symprex Folder Permissions Manager allows you to centrally manage user permissions on mailbox folders and public folders on Exchange 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. You can review and change folder permissions manually, apply by folder or content type, or create permissions templates using the built-in wizard to apply manually or via command-line utility. Permissions can be applied to any number... Read More

  7. Messageware AttachView

    Messageware AttachView provides OWA users with secure access to email attachments by converting them into secure web pages and extending WebReady viewing to 400+ file types. It gives Exchange Administrators control over security settings such as the ability to view/open/print/save documents to prevent data exposure. It gives OWA users advanced features like the ability to view files without the native... Read More

  8. Entrust Secure Email Certificates (Enterprise)

    Entrust Secure Email Certificates are publicly trusted S/MIME certificates that enable individuals or organizations to encrypt and digitally sign emails and other documents... Read More

  9. Certificate Manager for Exchange 2007

    Exchange 2007 enables SSL within IIS by default. Using PowerShell commands, certificate creation and management is quite confusing and often results with incorrect results. U-BTech Solutions provides Certificate Manager for Exchange Server 2007 for free, to ease the process with a simple, easy to use GUI which enables you to: Manage your current server certificates, Enable certificates for Exchange 2007... Read More

  10. Messageware TimeGuard

    Messageware TimeGuard protects OWA accounts from users who leave their OWA accounts open or fail to logoff by automatically ending OWA sessions after a pre-set period of inactivity. TimeGuard prompts users when their session has been inactive for the pre-set amount of time and gives them the option to extend the session or logoff. A max timeout also forces users... Read More

  11. Messageware NavGuard

    Messageware NavGuard prevents confidential company data from being exposed when users attempt to leave an active OWA session to browse other sites without first logging off. In native OWA, navigating away from active OWA sessions opens up a security vulnerability by leaving OWA sessions accessible to other users. With NavGuard, users are alerted that a security event is about to... Read More

  12. ESIEMail Protector

    ESIEMail Protector (pronounced EASY Mail Protector) is a product dedicated to one goal: "Securing your email communications". By using ESIEMail Protector you can use Encryption, Digital Signature and IRM Permissions (Information Rights Management) to secure your messaging environment, hence the name! Its Encrypted collaboration uses the highest standards of S/MIME technology. It is Signed Digitally, meaning that all the email... Read More

  13. Symmetricon Time & Frequency Systems

    Symmetricom's Time & Frequency systems offer picosecond measurement, hot swap power supplies, hitless switching, dual cooling fans, and redundant capabilities that make these products suitable for high reliability applications. Built on a modular platform, the highly accurate, precise generation and distribution of time and frequency output signals can meet the needs of the highest precision and most complex timing and... Read More