Comodo Unified Communications SSL Certificates

Last Updated on 21 Aug. 2013, Company: Comodo

Simplify your mail server management and save money by using a single Comodo Unified Communications (UCC) SSL certificate to secure all your Microsoft Exchange or Office Communications domains, host names or applications.

Apart from their flexibility and convenience, UCCs also offer large savings over the cost of individual certificates. A base UCC can secure three domains and additional domains (up to 100) can be added for just $35 each. Each Comodo UCCs features 128/256 bit encryption, 2048 bit root keys and is fully trusted by 99.9% of browsers and mobile devices. Unified Communications Certificates also feature unlimited re-issuance, free additional server licenses, free PCI scanning service and a 30 day, no question, money back guarantee. Comodo UCCs can be issued in minutes and start from just $235 per year for three domains.

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