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Check our list of Lync supported applications for your communications infrastructure.

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    ENow Uniscope

    Keep your business communication up and running. Uniscope empowers your organization by delivering the critical information you need to manage Lync proactively and avoid costly downtime. Uniscope is a unique Lync management tool that combines Lync monitoring and reporting in a single dashboard. The platform was developed by Lync Architects with real world experience of managing and troubleshooting numerous enterprise... Read More

  2. GSX Gizmo | Skype for Business & Lync Monitoring

    GSX Solutions provides out-of-the box monitoring to ensure your applications are performing the way they should, all around the world, whether they're on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud. GSX Gizmo sits on a virtual machine or any laptop to automatically discover, display and troubleshoot the health of an organization’s Unified Communications environments. GSX Gizmo is a powerful web-based dashboard that... Read More

  3. Geomant Contact Expert

    Geomant’s Contact Expert is a fully-featured multi-media contact center software solution for the Microsoft Unified Communications Platform. Leveraging the Lync Server 2013 environment, Contact Expert is targeted at customer-facing organisations requiring a cost-effective but feature-rich contact center solution to deliver on both customer service and internal helpdesk requirements... Read More

  4. HR Auditor for Lync

    HR Auditor for Microsoft Lync is a search and eDiscovery tool that allows you to search, view and export Lync IM conversations within your existing archive database. HR Auditor installs seamlessly in less than 30 minutes, allows authorized users to view Lync IM conversations with advanced search functionality, and provides a modern UI with rich features and charts... Read More

  5. Zylinc Attendant Console

    Zylinc Attendant Console makes it easier to collaborate when the company has more receptionists. They are provided a continuous overview of each other’s availability and can relieve each other at breaks or long call queues. This gives the customers a significantly shorter response time. Zylinc Attendant Console has a web-based statistics and reporting system, making it easy to track status... Read More

  6. Lync Contacts Manager

    Contacts Manager for Microsoft Lync ensures that your Lync users' contacts lists are centrally managed and up to date representing the relevant contacts that matters the most which assure unified communication is being used on the right manner and in return increases their productivity and enable effective communication... Read More

  7. AltiGen MaxACD

    MaxACD is a powerful Contact Center solution for Lync that combines several compelling productivity applications into one integrated system. MaxACD combines all the elements that call centers need to make one simple solution. MaxACD is acomprehensive solution, prepackaged with everything that your call center needs to work efficiently. Whether you’re looking for call reporting, call recording, agent supervision or call... Read More

  8. VisitorLink

    Whatever your reception desk challenge, VisitorLink ensures visitors are welcomed, identified and connected with the right staff, promptly, consistently and professionally. Customize how VisitorLink handles calls based on your staff’s current availability. When one employee is at lunch, re-route his notifications to a team member. VisitorLink gives you the choice: allow visitors to browse and connect directly to any or... Read More

  9. Samroxx Attendant

    Advanced technologies are the ingredients of the spectacular samroxx attendant solution. All interactions and visualizations have been refined to the last detail and adapted to the needs of all users. Microsoft Lync presence integration via UCMA Presence icons of all contacts visible at any time via inline displays. Highly scalable for up to 100,000 contacts with real-time search performance. PowerFind... Read More

  10. Verba Recording System

    With the Verba Recording System you can add enterprise-grade call recording capabilities to the Microsoft Lync 2010 and 2013 platforms, that not only records voice, but also video, instant messaging. Our server-side recording technology does not require installing any software on your client PCs or devices. With the Verba Recording System you can record Microsoft Lync, Cisco, Avaya, BroadSoft, and... Read More

  11. TIGER 2020 PRO

    CALL LOGGING is the key to providing a powerful solution to voice traffic management, integration and billing in the commercial marketplace. With an extensive range of product features and functionality, TIGER 2020 PRO is pivotal to effective telecommunications network management... Read More

  12. SYS Viases PostOffice

    Viases PostOffice is a light and easy to use SW suite designed to provide complementary applications for Microsoft Lync. Viases PostOffice can be integrated to MS Lync via Lync Signalling Service in order to enhance MS Lync voice capabilities which is connected to PSTN or VoIP networks. The following figure shows the technical architecture of the integration with MS Lync... Read More