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Last Updated on 27 Jan. 2015, Company: ENow, Inc

Keep your business communication up and running. Uniscope empowers your organization by delivering the critical information you need to manage Lync proactively and avoid costly downtime. Uniscope is a unique Lync management tool that combines Lync monitoring and reporting in a single dashboard. The platform was developed by Lync Architects with real world experience of managing and troubleshooting numerous enterprise messaging environments.

Uniscope can help you avoid costly outages by giving you the resource to gather the metrics you need to understand Lync performance and usage so you can proactively manage your Lync deployment. With Uniscope you can demonstrate to senior management that additional resource are needed to meet growing demand, using real-time reports. Uniscope also proactively tests the core components of a Lync deployment including Front End, Web Conferencing, Mediation servers, end user connectivity, PSTN access and address book downloads.

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Review and Comments

  1. Maartin Groenewald Fri, 13 Jan. 2017 07:21

    We have been using Mailscape now for a couple of months and it is great. We have a huge exchange infrastructure of around 50000 mailbox users. From the first agent installation, we picked up some possible issues that we were not aware of and fixed them before it became a major problem. We are also moving from Exchange 2007 to 2013 and then from there to 2016. Mailscape plays a major role in the seamless transition. I highly recommend this product and the ENow team is the greatest. Love working with them. They are professional and understand the needs of their customer. They will go out of their way to assist were they can!
    Some of the key advantages of using Mailscape for us is
    • Trim the troubleshooting tree to eliminate wasted time.
    • Ability to use data to predict a problem before it becomes a problem
    • Role based access for admins and help desk personnel
    • Ability to eliminate repetitive tasks using tools.
    • Transfer some of the tasks from Exchange admins to first level Help Desks using the tool if possible, especially in case of alerting/responding
    • Cost analysis for the whole Exchange environment and ability to use reporting/data for determine Cost per mailbox
    • Ability to bill back users for mailbox usage
    • Knowledge Management
    • Network monitoring – connection health
    • Office 365 support
    • Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2016 supported
    • Currently blackberry supported up to BES 12

  2. James Davis Fri, 30 Dec. 2016 21:30

    Enow's Mailscape software truly simplifies monitoring of your Exchange, Skype for Business, Active Directory, and SharePoint environments. It removes the white noise and gives you valuable data that is easy to understand and take action to resolve.

    The product is well thought out and designed in such a way base level administrators all the way up to the C level can understand their environments overall health. My personal favorite feature is their knowledge base. This allows the administrator to have 1 location to find a solution to a alerted issue.

    I recommend you install the product and give it a run.

  3. Emma Graham Tue, 17 Feb. 2015 15:45

    “Building on their existing investment and knowledge of Mailscape a Global Media Company is utilising Uniscope for managing and giving visibility to their Lync environment in order to not only manage their internal service desks but facilitate Lync voice capability in their flagship office in Europe. Significant savings are expected to be made with the redundancy of legacy PABX systems and BT conferencing facilities in place of pure SIP; Uniscope provides the business with confidence that the entire Lync environment – specifically the new Voice system will work and is properly managed and monitored whilst the business transitions to this new way of working”

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