Last Updated on 6 July 2017, Total: 14 Products

  1. NetIQ AppManager Module

    This module extends NetIQ AppManager® Suite and provides the knowledge necessary to optimize Exchange Server performance. AppManager for Exchange monitors end-to-end connectivity and assures availability through automated event detection and correction. NetIQ AppManager® is designed for IT operations teams who need rapid time to value, but the flexibility to support the diverse needs of multiple business units... Read More

  2. Nagios

    Nagios provides complete monitoring of Microsoft Exchange mail servers - including server availability, protocol availability, and server statistics. Implementing effective Exchange server monitoring with Nagios offers the following benefits: Increased server, services, and application availability; Fast detection of network outages and protocol failures; Fast detection of email server failures and delays... Read More

  3. LogicMonitor Microsoft Exchange Monitoring

    LogicMonitor will automatically discover all the installed Exchange server roles on a server provide best practices alerts and recommendations. Discover all the attributes of the server (all information stores, Physical and Logical drives, etc), report response time of all domain controllers, which can seriously impact the performance of your Exchange server. LogicMonitor not only detects all the databases and information... Read More

  4. ManageEngine Applications Manager

    ManageEngine Applications Manager provides in-depth availability and performance monitoring of Microsoft Exchange Server. Enterprise mail servers are critical to the business and Applications Manager gives the ability to monitor Exchange Servers and provides simple Exchange Server Reporting capabilities. The Exchange Server Management feature enables performance management by monitoring the response time of the server and updates the status based on... Read More