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Last Updated on 6 July 2017, Company: ENow, Inc

Mailscape365 was developed in 2012 and incorporates several years of real world experience from companies like Facebook, Hill & Knowlton and Baltimore City Public Schools. It was the first product to support Hybrid environments and is the only product on the market that automatically and continually verifies that all key components of a Hybrid deployment (Networking, ADFS, DirSync, AAD Sync, mail flow, Certificates, and Office 365 Infrastructure) are functioning, while at the same time providing reports (mobile devices, mailbox statistics, accounts & licensing, etc.) on both the on premise and cloud users. It also monitors key components for Skype for Business and SharePoint Online.

Monitoring the O365 end user's experience is critical to the success of any deployment. Mailscape365 provides the ability to monitor the entire hybrid/O365 environment and experience in real-time. This allows administrators to be proactive in ensuring optimal end user experience, thus increasing end user satisfaction and adoption rates while also helping remove some of the fear associated with moving to the cloud. Administering and monitoring a Hybrid deployment is not an easy task. Administrator's utilizing Mailscape 365 can be assured that their entire system is functioning correctly. This allows them to focus on other important tasks, thus saving their company money.

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Review and Comments

  1. National US Bank Fri, 21 April 2017 16:30

    We are US National Bank and have been using ENow Mailscape for a number of years on both Exchange 2010 and 2013 platforms. This is the best of breed Exchange monitoring/reporting tool and has stood the test of time and proven its value many times over. Mailscape allows our messaging team to stay in front of issues, normally fixing them before they become visible to the end user community.

    The dashboard allows our Network Operations Center and offshore teams quick visibility into issues for escalation if needed. The built in reports allow our engineering team to gain insight into the metrics that matter with respect to planning for future growth and/or trending analysis.

    The ENow management/support teams have always been very responsive and accommodating and have provided a level of service you do not often see with this type of product.

    All in all we are extremely pleased with this product and would highly recommend it. We look forward to ENow expanding their Blackberry Support to include the Blackberry Works (formerly GoodWorks) platform as monitoring the mobility experience is a gap we are seeing and look forward to it's closure.

  2. Nick Squires Tue, 14 March 2017 22:57

    We are a medium sized business with only two employees in our IT department, so we are always looking for software that will help us keep our heads above water. Software that will alert us to problems before they reach the end users, so that we can fix them before there’s any system downtime for our customer support and manufacturing teams.

    ENOW monitors our exchange server environment and keeps us up to speed on changes to queues, system performance, and database dismounts so that we can be aware of possible issues with plenty of time to address them before our phones start ringing.

    In addition to the monitoring we have been able to utilize some powerful custom reporting within ENOW that our management teams have requested to see email volume by user.

    The biggest feature of ENOW, however, is the support – always quick to respond, eager to help, and they know the product backwards and forwards and are always able to help very quickly.

    We would suggest ENOW to any organization of any size to help monitor and stay informed on their exchange environment.

  3. James Davis Fri, 30 Dec. 2016 21:26

    Enow's Mailscape software truly simplifies monitoring of your Exchange, Skype for Business, Active Directory, and SharePoint environments. It removes the white noise and gives you valuable data that is easy to understand and take action to resolve.

    The product is well thought out and designed in such a way base level administrators all the way up to the C level can understand their environments overall health. My personal favorite feature is their knowledge base. This allows the administrator to have 1 location to find a solution to a alerted issue.

    I recommend you install the product and give it a run.

  4. Ken Lin Mon, 9 March 2015 20:55

    We have been an ENow customer since 2010 and the Mailscape and Compass monitoring software has been life saver. It is truly a “set it and forget it” software! It is a single product that is able to provide many options, but didn’t need to be managed in a traditional way. We are able to support and manage our Blackberry, Exchange and Active Directory environment in a much more efficient manner from both a time and cost perspective. Mailscape allows us to be proactive in fixing issues before they become disasters.

  5. Nate Keegan Tue, 24 Feb. 2015 16:03

    The beauty of Mailscape is that it makes monitoring a complex Exchange 2013 environment simple.

    One of our biggest concerns with running a DAG environment is knowing when something needs attention and where. Mailscape gives us crystal clear clarity into what our Exchange environment is doing.

    Installation of eNow Mailscape is very straight forward and eNow support has been responsive and knowledgeable the few times we have needed them.

    This software gets the job done and done well.

    In my mind Mailscape is a must have for any Exchange environment.

  6. Mike Maloney Fri, 20 Feb. 2015 18:37

    One of the great things I love about Mailscape is their tech support. If there ever is an issue with Mailscape, I usually get a email or a call back from them within an hour or so. And most of the time the issue is a minor configuration tweak unique to our environment Another thing I like is their willingness to listen to suggestions we may have as a client to improve the product. If a upgrade or feature makes sense, they'll include it a upcoming release. Reporting has been a great help to us, it helps our help desk identify issues with accounts that would otherwise require a call to our engineering staff.

  7. James Hayes Thu, 19 Feb. 2015 18:33

    “Mailscape is one of those products that does it job so well that we sometimes forget that it is up and running until we get a Mailscape alert email and we jump into the console to see what it is going on with Exchange and everything is right in front of us so it is easy to diagnose the problem and take corrective action. I love products like Mailscape that allows me to focus on other projects while having the peace of mind that the necessary tasks are not being neglected.”

  8. Dmitri Potapov Fri, 13 Feb. 2015 17:47

    We have been using Mailscape/Compass suite for a little over a year now, we used a different product prior to it that was generating way too many alerts and false positives. ENow products have a much better monitoring algorithm with fine grained tweaking ability to suit your environment. Reporting portion is very robust and offers a nice pre-canned library. Monitoring dashboard has a nice minimalistic yet informative design without informational overload. In terms of management this is the best monitoring tool i have used to date that doesn’t require constant attention and doesn’t flood you with unnecessary alerts.

  9. AMANDA J. GRAYSON Fri, 30 Jan. 2015 16:15

    Mailscape has made it easier for me to manage exchange. Instead of logging into the exchange every day to check the backup and other issues I’m able to watch the mailscape alerts come in to know that my backups have run correctly. This saves me time when I already have enough going on every day. The reports have also allowed me to clean up the exchange by removing mailboxes that have been inactive for some time unbeknownst to us. This is a great help. I really love the report feature.

  10. Mark Kaplan Wed, 7 Jan. 2015 17:39

    “When it comes to BARBRI’s Exchange Online environment, my team is no longer taken by surprise. This doesn’t mean there aren’t Exchange issues to address, but because of early issue recognition capabilities of Mailscape365, if our dashboard is clean, then it is a user issue. This provides the help desk a significant head start when diagnosing and resolving user issues related to Office 365. By virtue of the simple visual cues (red-yellow-green indicators to represent levels of performance “health” of groups, individuals and/or servers) provided by the command center dashboard, the IT team has been able to attack problems even before users are aware.”

  11. Brian Welby Fri, 20 June 2014 14:59

    Mailscape has been extremely helpful in monitoring/managing our environment. It is a very comprehensive tool that has always been able to inform me of an issue arising, well before any users even have the chance to experience or report a problem. The interface couldn’t be simpler to read and is very intuitive. Green is good...Red is bad. When I problem does pop up, you just drill down on the yellow (warning) or red (problem) flashing part of the interface to find specifically where the issue lies. Of course this is always done well after an email alert has already been received.. but for support personnel that may only have access to the interface and are not on the alerting list, it is easy to find where the problem lies... and in a timely manner. The product group at ENOW is always open to suggestions in how to improve their product and are constantly working in customer suggested features into new releases....overall it is well worth the investment.

  12. Jeff Mar Fri, 20 June 2014 14:57

    MailScape is an excellent monitoring and reporting software. We’ve been using it for a couple of years now to monitor and report on our Exchange 2010 environment. It provides a nice dashboard where you can get a quick glance at the environment. It is color coded with red, yellow, and green. Obviously, you don’t want to see red as that indicates critical problems while yellow are more like warnings and green means everything is good.

    Besides the quick summary, there are built-in reports that can be run from the dashboard as well. These include a detailed list of the top 50 mailboxes in size, a list of members of distribution lists, the top email senders, etc. You can email these reports straight from the reports. And, the nice thing about the software is that it allows you to customize these reports or build your own reports. You can even take your PowerShell scripts and create reports from them. Lastly, you can schedule these reports to be emailed to the necessary parties on a regular product.

  13. Michael Malone Wed, 29 Jan. 2014 21:41

    We currently have about 1800 Exchange mailboxes in our Exchange 2010 environment. (2 CAS, 2 MBX). While not the most complex Exchange setup, it was much more complex than the single server EX03 server we just migrated off of. Due to the vast differences between the old and new setup, a monitoring solution was needed. We had been looking for quite awhile and had looked at products from Solarwinds and Microsoft. I ran across Mailscape while at the Exchange Connections Conference in 2012. Very impressed with what I saw and when I returned, installed a demo copy for Exchange and AD. No installing custom code or modifying Exchange to work with it. Right off the bat it informed us that one of our databases had not been backed up in over a month. Meanwhile, Netbackup showed it had been successfully backed up. Ran a powershell script and confirmed that sure enough, it was not backed up. After that we demo’d it for the higher ups in the department, there was not the usual “lets see what else is available” at the end. It was “lets place the order”. So we placed the order for not only Mailscape, for the Active Directory piece Compass as well.

    Since then Mailscape has been a great help in not only informing us when things break within Exchange, but has been an excellent tool in reporting problems before they break. A good example is when a individual responds to a phishing email. Shortly after they do, we can expect a flood of emails being sent from that account which subsequently fills the mail queues. When this happens, Mailscape sends an alert, and we shut down the account before our mail servers are blacklisted. I currently have Mailscape displayed above my desk for all to see the health of our Exchange organization. Whenever anyone sees the screen showing yellow or red, they know to call me. When it is maintenance night, the other engineers know to look at the screen before they leave. If it’s flashing red or yellow, they know to start calling.

    The reporting functionality has been a great help as well. One example is our Help Desk receives a report each morning of mailboxes that have hit their quota’s. Another great help is a report that shows last login time for each account. Very useful when you have multiple DC’s and you need to find out when the last time an account was logged in to. We've used the database growth reports to proactively plan disk sizing requirements as our Exchange organization grows.

    Overall we are extremely satisfied with Mailscape. Any time I’ve had to call in to support for an issue, Travis, Vance, Andrew and the rest have all been great. And if they don't have the answer, they will find out and get right back to you.

  14. Theresa Miller Fri, 6 Dec. 2013 16:02

    Enow Mailscape is a great Exchange Monitoring and Reporting Tool. I have been using this product for several years not and it has provided me with great insight to my environment with very little configuration time involved.

    I really like several aspects of this product. First the monitoring console uses a red, yellow and green dashboard that at a glance to tell you service center or administrators if there is an issue to look into. This console can also send out email notifications to the appropriate personnel in your organization.

    The reporting aspect of this tool also is very effective. The presetup reports are a time saver, since the reports available are the most common reports that you would want as an Exchange administrator.

    Their support team is excellent. If you need help with your product, they will provide you with someone to help you quickly. Their support staff is also very patient and helpful which is a plus. Last, but not least if you are looking for a feature or report that they do not offer they area almost always willing to add this to their product as a feature request.

    You will not be dissappointed with this product.

  15. Kryste M. Olejniczak Wed, 29 Aug. 2012 09:35

    ENOW’s MailScape: This is the One You’ve Been Looking For!

    I was in search of a customizable Exchange Reporting Tool for a rollout of 20k additional Exchange 2007 mailboxes. I spent weeks evaluating several well-known products and discovered that MailScape was the only one that didn’t cost a fortune and had the ability for fully customizable reports. Although monitoring was not the primary goal of this project, the exchange-centric monitoring was also of great interest to me, which I now depend on daily. One key sell point was that I could present a unique interface of the reporting and monitoring console to different knowledge workers and upper management, based on their role and what they needed to view.

    MailScape delivers an out-of-the–box monitoring and reporting solution that has everything you need to make sure your Exchange Organization is looking good and feeling fine. As the person responsible for a large messaging environment, I am most interested in the state of the servers and the services they provide. The first thing I do after I login every day is open the MailScape console and review the Monitoring tab. If anything is flashing red, I just click on it and it shows me exactly what the problem is.

    Configuring a monitoring tool for Exchange can be quite the project, but not so with MailScape. Gone are the days of logging in to multiple servers to check event logs for root cause, manually verifying backup reports, and spending hours configuring high-end monitoring tools that require you to know how, what, and when you want to monitor. It’s all been done for you and it is pertinent and reliable.

    The MailScape Support Team is one of the best I have dealt with in my 16 years as a Messaging SME. For example, the business required a report that showed all Sent and Received messages for all mailboxes on only one of the many Exchange clusters in the organization. The report needed to show Sender and Recipient information, including the Subject, Message ID, and Date and Time stamp, for the past 30 days of emails in over 7k mailboxes. After just a few hours on the phone with support, these reports were created and ready to view from the web console. Yes, that’s right people, they wrote them for me. We also configured a daily report to be emailed to a specific individual. They were completely open to sharing everything they were doing with me and I learned a lot without having to attend a class or do independent research, oh yeah, and we had fun! I don’t know where they find their support staff, but we could all use more of these types in the industry.

    The Customizable Dashboard is a lot more useful than you might think. In my case, the customized reports could only be viewed by specific individuals but not to the unapproved individuals that also had access to the console. In addition, the people that needed to view the customized reports were restricted from seeing the information on the other Exchange clusters. This is so easy to do with MailScape and is all controlled using AD users and groups. I recommend creating a group for each different type of role, then you can easily move accounts in and out of them depending on the view they require. In my case, the ability to completely control who can see what, is a dream come true.

    If you want to be a proactive administrator, easily provide information about the environment, and look like an Exchange genius through it all, then MailScape is the product you’ve been looking for. You can literally spend a day getting the product deployed and displaying any issues in your environment. Approximately twenty four hours later you will have over 200 canned reports viewable to whomever you like, or you can just let them see a few select reports – whatever you want! Be a rock star and let the boss know that you can create an Exchange report on almost anything, which will seamlessly appear on their customized dashboard, yes, with graphs. I almost forgot to mention that they can email the reports to themselves from their dashboard. There are so many benefits to this product and I highly recommend that you check it out for yourself. ENOW will let you do a trial version and even offer assistance in setting the pilot up.

    I made a smart decision in selecting MailScape. ENOW is a solid company that has improved my work life and my company’s Exchange Organization with their product. Having MailScape in the environment is like having an additional administrator on my team. I can now focus on bigger projects and I am currently using MailScape to aid in planning and designing the upcoming Exchange 2010 deployment, and soon after, Exchange 2013. Kudos ENOW – MailScape is a top-notch product that delivers!

  16. Yassar Al-Buhaisi Mon, 31 Oct. 2011 01:00

    Mailscape rocks!

    We migrated our e-mail platform to a new domain and we were looking for a tool that monitor and generate reports on our Exchange environment. We did evaluate other tools, but most of them don't offer active monitoring. We tried ENOW Mailscape and we were impressed ni the following:

    1. Ease of install.

    2. Simplified interface to monitor and configure the tool.

    3. Thought the tool my look simple it is full of functionality and it can be tailored to meet the org needs.

    4. Technical Support: they are friendly and above all quick in responding to any issues or questions.

    We tested out the tool and it works great. We are still exploring the tool, but so far we have had a great experience and in short, it is a must to have tool for Exchange Administrator if they want a proactive tool to monitor the environment.

    samueli Institute

  17. John Miller Mon, 14 March 2011 01:00

    3 things I like about Mailscape

    We're running Exchange 2007 in a clustered environment with around 1200 users. Love the product!

    1. Easy - easy to install, even easier to upgrade. So easy even a caveman... never mind.

    2. Customizable thresholds - No two networks are alike and Mailscape allows me to customize the alerts to fit our environment. For example we have some users who regularly have 20+ emails in the BES Queue. I was able to bump up the alert so that their accounts weren't constantly in alarm.

    3. The disk space monitor - This is one of my favorite features. The ability to at-a-glance see the drive space status of all my storage groups (including white space) is incredibly valuable to me and has enabled me to consolidate several storage groups - saving LUNs on my SAN.

  18. Marc Mizzoni Thu, 15 July 2010 02:00

    mailscape review

    Mailscape has been extremely useful in our organization; we look after several Exchange/AD organizations and the Dashboard view allows Support staff to quickly check for Exchange, AD and Blackberry problems without having to load various tools for each product, and to determine the severity of the problem and route to the appropriate team quickly.

    Mailscape helped us to identify an AD problem, we manage the physical servers for 4 sites, and the network is out-sourced, the problem occurred when a new subnet was setup on the primary site and one site wasn't configured correctly on the router. Mailscape alerted the team to a replication issue with the 2 sites and on investigation the routing table on the new router was found to be incomplete. When investigating the issue with the help of the support team from Mailscape we re-organized the sites and services to maximize the replication topology

    The Management Team also like the Built in reports which allows them to quickly assess needs within the organization and plan for future developments with the aid of the reports. The ability to quickly customize the reports without having to know SQL or scripting languages has also been extremely beneficial.

    The support we have had for the Mailscape product from E-now and the UK re-seller Essential Computing has been 100%. The Support Team at Mailscape are enthusiastic regarding product comments and improvements and several of those this organization have suggested have appeared in the product.

    UHB NHS Foundation Trust

  19. Marc Punte Fri, 21 May 2010 02:00

    Mailscape is a complete solution for monitoring my email system

    With the Mailscape dashboard, our help desk can tell with 2 simple clicks whether a user's complaint is due to a serious system problem, or the user simply hit their mailbox quota (99% of the time, this was the case.) Also, our Help desk can now proactively respond if our BlackBerry service goes down, before our users realize there's a problem.

    All in all it's a very affordable and excellent tool for anyone who needs to monitor their email environment.


  20. Dave Simpson Mon, 26 April 2010 02:00


    Mailscape has been a fabulous tool to allow me quick and easy access to the overall health of my exchange servers. I am quickly able to identify any problems that pop up with Services, Queues, and many other operations. It also makes it much easier to take a proactive approach to managing our exchange environment.

  21. Mathieu Mon, 21 Dec. 2009 01:00


    Mailscape's reporting capabilities were extremely helpful during all phases of our migration to Exchange 2007 and beyond. To begin with, Mailscape gave us a clearer picture of the architecture of our old design by showing us how many servers we had, how many databases we had, and how big they were. These reports made our job of creating the new storage design for Exchange 2007 much easier.

    During our actual migration, I was concerned about the risks associated with moving all of our data, but Mailscape helped mitigate those risks by monitoring my system's resources and making sure the transaction logs didn't fill up the disk space. It made our migration to Exchange 2007 a much less daunting task, and continued to help us after the migration was complete.

    The key statistics provided by Mailscape gave us a better insight into our messaging environment. In addition, the superior reporting capabilities of Mailscape have enabled me to better administer our system, and thus better serve our end users. In fact, we have implemented specific reports that are sent out on a national level to keep our users informed of their quota level. Since we monitor over 10,000 users in France, efficient platform management is a necessity. It greatly reduced our administrative overhead by giving our management team the ability to control their users' mailboxes.

    We chose Mailscape not only because of the software's high quality, but also for the support services and the immediate improvements it provided. In short, Mailscape has allowed us to be proactive instead of reactive in how we manage our global Exchange system.

  22. David Kichi Wed, 28 Oct. 2009 01:00

    Mailscape is excellent!

    Mailscape makes life easier. Installing, upgrading or configuring is a breeze, and no rebooting is required. The documentation is clear and concise, and the tech support staff is extremely knowledgeable not only about their product, but the OS platform and infrastructure that it's running on.

    Features such as the 'One Look' dashboard (red - yellow - green status), ExecView, and fully customizable reports make troubleshooting issues a lot easier. Everything's in one place!

    I also wanted to share a story in which Mailscape really helped resolve an issue with one of our Exchange 2003 servers (along with a wide variety of other servers).

    Another application was configured and deployed into production in an effort to 'learn' our infrastructure. This application was supposed to gather data to allow for configuring at a later date. What we didn't know was that even though this application was only supposed to learn, it was in fact causing servers to lose connectivity, blue screen, reboot, etc.

    One of the key troubleshooting elements was the reports that I had configured in Mailscape to email each morning. After receiving the Master Quota Report, I noticed that the quotas were no longer set for our Exchange 2003 server out at our Colorado office. After digging deeper into the issues, it was determined that in fact it was the newly deployed application that was causing the issues and actions were taken to bring the all of the servers back to a stable state. Thanks guys!

    US Department of Energy - SAIC

  23. Barbara Campbell Tue, 14 July 2009 02:00

    Perfect Exchange 2007 Tool

    The word overkill comes to mind when I think about the other products we considered before we found Mailscape. The products had lists of features that we would never use, were beyond our budget, and has excessive technical requirements.

    What's nice about this tool is that it's simple enough that management can use it just as easily as the IT team can. It also helped disseminate information across all levels of our company. With MaiIscape, our sales team is now much more efficient and productive with their email communications.

    Bodek and Rhodes

  24. Derek Suiter Fri, 12 Dec. 2008 01:00

    Couldn't manage Exchange without it.

    Finally a product that was developed by actual Exchange Admins. Easy to navigate, reporting is thorough, and GUI is appealing. Mailscape makes it easy to identify potential problems and fix before end users (and management) notices. Support is exceptional and always listening to feedback. I highly recommend this product for any size company.

    Intouch Solutions

  25. Tim Doscher Fri, 16 May 2008 02:00

    Mailscape great tool for migrations!

    I used mailscape earlier this to help in sizing and monitoring during a 9000 mailbox migration from 5.5 to 2003. The implmentation consisted of 8 mailbox cluster nodes in two groups of AAAP. Because the customer had a very limited amount of space on their SAN, we had to be extra careful during mailbox moves to stay on target for each LUN and mailbox store. I am very thankful that the trial version was powerful enough with such a small install footprint to give me all of the information I needed in an easy to read dashboard. Because a majority of the migrations took place at night and into the early hours of the morning, it was great to have something so easy to use, so I could keep focused on the important aspects of the project. You should take the few minutes required to give it a shot, and I would bet you end up wanting to buy it.

  26. Andrew Johnson Wed, 30 Jan. 2008 01:00

    Mailscape paid for itself the other day.

    Mailscape paid for itself yesterday. We were running our Notes to Exchange migration and some of the Notes people we're moving did not have quotas on the Notes side. Well since they had so many messages and we did not have “Enable circular Logging” on, we ran out of space on our Exchange Log volume which took down some Storage groups. I was able to quickly go into Mailscape and see where I needed to increase the size of which volume and grow it on the fly. If it was not for this product I would have been searching threw a bunch of logs just to find out what was wrong.


  27. Brian Scott Mon, 29 Oct. 2007 01:00


    Mailscape is a fantastic asset to my team, it allows my entire IT team to get a outstanding view on how our exchange environment is doing in other countries and allows me to see how our exchange environment is growing and gives the correct information to my CIO when he needs it. I'm glad to finally see Mailscape on as it really is a tool that you can't be without.

    Twistbox Entertainment

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