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Last Updated on 8 July 2016, Total: 25 Events

  1. 5 Keys to a Successful Journey to the Hybrid Cloud for Office 365 & Exchange

    More than ever, customers are adopting cloud services like Office 365. Although some organizations find what they need in the default offering, most decide to first dip their toes in the water and build a hybrid connection... Read More

  2. How to Benefit from MS Office 365 and Maintain Control of Your Data

    Data Residency and Privacy Regulations are complex and constantly changing and raise frequent questions from organizations who have moved to MS Office 365, or are interested in making that move... Read More

  3. How to Achieve Advanced Data Protection with MS Office 365

    How can your organization confidently move to MS Office 365 or a hybrid environment while maintaining compliance with data residency and privacy regulations and addressing specific compliance requirements like ITAR or FDIC? What key security and data protection features does MS Office 365 currently offer and what are the key use cases for a third party solution?... Read More

  4. Rethinking Your Network when Deploying Skype for Business

    As companies begin relying more and more on Skype for Business for their critical communications and application delivery, performance and reliability become paramount for the teams responsible for its deployment... Read More

  5. How to Plan and Complete a Secure Office 365 Migration

    There are many pathways to an Office 365 migration, but completing the migration is only part of the solution. While Office 365 offers capabilities for Identity Management, it’s limited in protecting data once it leaves the platform... Read More

  6. Best Practices for Managing Your Messaging Data

    As the size of messaging data stores and archives continue to expand, it's incumbent upon organizations to be able to not only efficiently restore and access that data, but also manage it. Administrators need to manage .PSTs and storage, properly configure Microsoft Exchange, and prepare for upgrades or a migration to Office 365... Read More

  7. The Future of Exchange On-Premise (vs. Online) and What's In It for You?

    The extensive changes and features included in Exchange 2016 are enough to keep most Exchange Administrators busy these days - and quite possibly losing sleep! Be sure to join Exchange MCM/MVP Michael Van Horenbeeck as he covers the announced changes for Exchange 2016 and what it all means for you... Read More

  8. Best Practices for Migrating to Office 365 and Gaining Control of Your Email & PSTs - Once and for All!

    Migrating to Office 365 offers many substantial benefits, but it also represents a significant undertaking. It is filled with potential landmines, particularly when it comes to managing emails and electronic information that can put the entire project at risk... Read More

  9. Virtualizing MS Exchange Without Losing Control

    Virtualization offers significant benefits, including improving availability, lowering costs, and increasing IT productivity. But IT Managers and Administrators must be confident they will still have the required functionality, security, and control before making the move to virtualize this critical piece of IT infrastructure... Read More

  10. How to Take Control of Social Media in 2015

    Social media has grown from being a curiosity to a mission-critical business application in a very short time. Unfortunately, the increased use of social media and corporate reliance on it is not always accompanied by sufficient IT oversight, sound policy management, or content control – putting companies at enormous risk... Read More