5 Keys to a Successful Journey to the Hybrid Cloud for Office 365 & Exchange

by The Editor [Published on 8 July 2016 / Last Updated on 8 July 2016]

More than ever, customers are adopting cloud services like Office 365. Although some organizations find what they need in the default offering, most decide to first dip their toes in the water and build a hybrid connection.

Join Michael Van Horenbeeck, Microsoft MVP and Tijl Vanden Broeck, Citrix Systems Engineer for Networking for Expert Tips and Tricks on how to tackle the most common migration issues.

During this informative webinar, you'll also learn about:

  • The role of application delivery controllers in on-premise deployments
  • Identifying the key aspects of a migration to Office 365
  • NetScaler features that are critical for the journey to the hybrid cloud


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