Best Practices for Managing Your Messaging Data

by The Editor [Published on 7 Jan. 2016 / Last Updated on 7 Jan. 2016]

As the size of messaging data stores and archives continue to expand, it's incumbent upon organizations to be able to not only efficiently restore and access that data, but also manage it. Administrators need to manage .PSTs and storage, properly configure Microsoft Exchange, and prepare for upgrades or a migration to Office 365.

Join Microsoft MVP Lee Benjamin and Bilal Ahmed and Mike Khanna from Sonasoft to learn how organizations should be effectively managing Exchange and their messaging data in today's world of big data and evolving platforms.

Key topics to be covered during this live, interactive webinar include:

  • What are the key benefits of an archiving system, and how should you use one? 
  • What are best practices for managing MS Exchange, .PSTs, and all your data?
  • How can you prepare for Exchange upgrades or a future cloud or hybrid environment migrations?


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