How to Achieve Advanced Data Protection with MS Office 365

by The Editor [Published on 10 April 2016 / Last Updated on 10 April 2016]

How can your organization confidently move to MS Office 365 or a hybrid environment while maintaining compliance with data residency and privacy regulations and addressing specific compliance requirements like ITAR or FDIC? What key security and data protection features does MS Office 365 currently offer and what are the key use cases for a third party solution?

Join Microsoft MVP Steve Goodman and Doug Lane from Vaultive as they discuss how to leverage Office 365 native encryption capabilities, where they fall short, and how you can use third-party tools in order to solve advanced cloud data security challenges.Attend this webinar to experience how Cloud Data Protection best practices mandate that organizations encrypt data before it leaves their trusted network and manage the encryption keys separately from the cloud service provider. You’ll discover:

  • A summary of the security and data protection features in MS Office 365 and where the functionality gaps exist today 
  • Compelling case studies of how organizations have addressed the common use cases for enhanced MS Office 365 data protection and encryption
  • What to look for in a third-party solution for your MS Office 365 data encryption and protection needs.

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