Last Updated on 24 Sept. 2014, Total: 4 White Papers

  1. Virtualizing Exchange 2013 - the right way

    This white paper explains the factors that should be examined when deciding to virtualize Microsoft Exchange 2013. It covers the case for and against virtualizing Exchange, Views of the Microsoft Exchange development group regarding virtualization as well as Microsoft’s preferred architecture for Exchange 2013... Read More

  2. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 in the AWS Cloud: Planning & Implementation Guide

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a comprehensive set of services and tools for deploying Microsoft Windowsbased workloads, including Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, on a reliable and secure cloud infrastructure... Read More

  3. Exchange 2010 Tested Solutions: 500 Mailboxes in a Single Site Running Hyper-V on Dell Servers

    This document provides an example of how to design, test, and validate an Exchange Server 2010 solution for environments with 500 mailboxes or less deployed on Dell server and storage solutions... Read More

  4. How Should Your Organization Deploy Microsoft Exchange

    The purpose of this paper is to help you choose how to deploy Microsoft Exchange... Read More