Email Archiving & Compliance

Last Updated on 6 March 2015, Total: 14 White Papers

  1. Does poor email management put your organisation at risk?

    Email drives the business within all organisations, whether private companies or entities in the public sector. Employees communicate via internal email, often in preference to the telephone, and inquiries and support concerns are increasingly handled via email. This creates a complicated balancing act for organisations, as they are bound by a variety of overlapping laws, acts, and regulations which both... Read More

  2. There is no such thing as retrospective compliance

    The challenge with compliance is it can only be demonstrated from the point at which it is initiated... Read More

  3. A Guide to Email Retention and UK Compliance Laws

    Eighty percent of all business communication is via email, yet a vast majority of businesses fail to understand the risks they take by not protecting the information that is being transmitted freely between employees, customers and suppliers... Read More

  4. The Business Benefits of Email Archiving

    Archiving solutions for email have been in existence for many years, and have changed dramatically since their early days. Originally designed as a means to manage specific issues with mailbox management for email servers such Microsoft Exchange, they have evolved steadily in response to changing market requirements and opportunities... Read More

  5. Quick Guide for Exchange Server Auditing

    This free guide provides system administrators with few quick tips on Exchange Server change auditing... Read More

  6. Email Archiving: An Overview for Decision Makers

    Businesses can enjoy many legal, technical, and financial advantages by implementing an email archiving solution... Read More

  7. The PST File Rodeo

    This whitepaper, by noted Microsoft Exchange expert, Paul Robichaux, discusses a range of issues related to PST files... Read More

  8. Why Software File Archiving is More Cost Effective than Buying More Storage Hardware

    This whitepaper will explore ways to get better visibility into the data and leverage lower tier storage to automatically free up space on expensive storage... Read More

  9. Microsoft Exchange 2010 Archiving and the Value of Third-Party Solutions

    This report explains the archiving features of Exchange 2010, assesses their benefits, and explores the role of third-party archiving vendors... Read More

  10. Waiting to Upgrade Understanding Archiving and Ediscovery Limitations in Exchange 2010

    Download this whitepaper today and learn about upgrading to Exchange 2010 and potential downsides... Read More