Email Security

Last Updated on 11 Aug. 2016, Total: 5 White Papers

  1. Is Office 365's EOP Seaworthy? The Case for Tighter Email Security.

    There is no question that Office 365 is a boon to businesses large and small as they move their apps, and in some cases, their entire 'ops', to the cloud... Read More

  2. Understanding the Costs of Email Security

    The three main cost factors associated with email filtering solutions are: solution costs, operating costs and productivity losses. This paper aims to help the reader make an informed decision when purchasing an email filtering solution... Read More

  3. Online Pharmaceuticals “Spam Pill-Pushers”

    This study examines some of the latest tricks that spammers use to elude spam filters... Read More

  4. Image Spam

    Spam accounts for over 80% of all email traffic and this number continues to grow. One of the key factors for this dramatic increase is image-based spam, an increasingly common and sophisticated nuisance accounting for more than 25% of all spam... Read More

  5. Glossary of Spam Terms

    Definitions and glossary of terms used in the Spam industry... Read More