Cyber Security Trends and Solutions for 2017

by vircom [Published on 11 April 2017 / Last Updated on 12 April 2017]

In 2016, cyber security found itself thrust from fringe tech talk to the centre of international conversations. It was part of presidential debates, it determined elections, data breaches were frontpage news, it temporarily shut down major companies, and the world saw huge increases in both attacks and spending.

Some of the biggest headline-grabbing cyber attacks of 2016 included the announcement of Yahoo’s loss of a billion user’s information in 2013, a DDoS attack crashed huge sections of the internet, briefly bringing down giants Spotify, Shopify, Soundcloud and Twitter, and several tech heavyweights hacked this year (such as Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, Marissa Mayer and more).

It was perhaps the first year where cybercriminals so openly ‘hacked’ the course of history.

The events of 2016 will have huge impact on the industry in 2017. Cyber criminals will only continue to get more sophisticated and bold in their methods, particularly as the skills involved become increasingly accessible to a rising generation of
digital natives.

If the past year is any indication, 2017 will be a busy one for the IT manager and security experts. While we can’t predict the future, we recognize and want to share a few trends. It may be a new year, but sometimes old wisdom is best: a good digital defense is the best offense.

So, please enjoy the actionable solutions we’ve included alongside our 14 Cyber Security Trends for 2017.

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